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LIVE REVIEW: MGK's "Mainstream Sellout" Tour Blares Through St. Louis

The Enterprise Center in St. Louis filled up with screams, screeches and pink apparel as it was a night to remember on August 10, 2022. Machine Gun Kelly (aka MGK) soared through a 29 song setlist as he grasped the crowd of over fifteen thousand. While MGK has visited other venues throughout STL such as The Pageant, Family Arena and St. Louis Music Park, this marks MGK's first headline arena show in STL and first headlining arena tour.

As the scene was set with a full pit by 6:30 pm, pink lights shining on stage and the sounds of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was blasting, we were welcomed to an MGK show in such fashion. As WILLOW opened up her set with "t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l", the crowd congregated closer as she shined through her set. While speaking with such sweetness and soft tones, it's almost unbelievable that she has such powerhouse vocals. In the midst of her 9-track set, she announced something that may have been a bit of a surprise. "I know this is kinda weird... But I've always wanted to make a rock opera! What do you guys think of that?" If WILLOW is down to produce a rock opera album, we're here for it. As she closed her set, she left the crowd feeling extremely enthusiastic as everyone became super pumped for the main act.


  1. born with horns

  2. god save me

  3. maybe

  4. concert for aliens

  5. drunk face

  6. fake love don't last

  7. drug dealer

  8. ay!

  9. more than life

  10. die in california

  11. Floor 13

  12. papercuts

  13. title track

  14. kiss kiss

  15. love race

  16. I Think I'm OKAY

  17. bloody valentine

  18. All The Small Things

  19. roll the windows up

  20. El Diablo

  21. WW III

  22. WW 4

  23. Emo Girl

  24. lonely

  25. why are you here/jawbreaker/sid & nancy

  26. forget me too

  27. make up sex

  28. my ex's best friend

  29. twin flame

Around 8:40, those infamous piano notes to a beginning of a song everyone knows all too well blasted through the speakers as the crowd became thrilled as they knew what they would experience so soon. I've never heard an entire arena scream "Welcome To The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance at the top of their lungs, as it was chilling and comforting. Originally set for 9pm, at 8:45 MGK was to be seen gliding in on a pink helicopter throughout the arena during "born with horns," making his way to a place he calls forever home, the stage. As the screams escalated as he made his way onto the stage, MGK started the party with "god save me."

Filled with pyro, strobe lights and tons of pink aesthetic, the stage was set for what would become an unforgettable experience. MGK was accompanied by Sophie Lloyd, Brandon Allen, Steve Basil, Justin Lyons and that insanely talented drummer rookxx, all matched the high energy for the night. In the middle of the set (against the doctor's orders due to having a broken thumb) Travis Barker (of Blink-182 and super popular all-around-known drummer) joined the stage as he performed tons of tracks including "I Think I'm OKAY (Hotel Diablo), "Bloody Valentine (Tickets To My Downfall) and a Blink-182 cover, "All The Small Things." Nearing the end of his two-hour set, WILLOW returned to the stage so the two could perform "emo girl" together and elated the crowd even more.

Although MGK does not believe in encores, he did escape the stage before performing his last few tracks for just a moment... Coming back on stage with a purple St. Louis Blues jersey on, St. Louis fans began to chant "BLUUUUUUUES." "What are you guys saying?" For a quick second, MGK thought the crowd was booing him (which has happened too many times before) and got word the crowd was chanting "BLUUUUUUES" because of his jersey. "I was like damn guys I thought we were haing a great night together. It's Wednesday and y'all are making it feel like it's a Saturday.", he joked.

As the night came to a close, the final track performed was "twin flame", as dedicated to his fiance, Megan Fox. Rose petals shot over the arena as MGK delivered one final message to the crowd. "I got one wish and it's that we can always perform and you'll always show up. I love you so much!"


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