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Music Heals

Something I never imagined happening in my life, happened. The most tragic thing so far. I've felt every emotion possible in the grieving process. But what has helped the most? Music of course. Not only does music heal me in everyday life, but it has helped me even more during this time. The following songs are honest songs that have helped me in the worst of times.

That's What I Like - Bruno Mars: This isn't really a grieving song, but it just reminds me of my person who passed. He would sing it to me in the car, as he loved expensive things and lived his fantasy through that song.

Thinking Of You - Katy Perry: I've loved this song since it came out in 2008. Now I'm finally experiencing it. The ending lyrics are so real to me.

Castle On The Hill - Ed Sheeran: This song is all about memories. So when I hear this song, which I did while out recently, I think about memories, experiences and time together.

All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran: While I was out at a restaurant one night recently, I needed to go to the bathroom, but I was just going to wait until I got home. At the last second, I decided to go. I had been getting upset while I was out. This song was playing in there and I'd never heard it. I needed to know what it was right away.

Promise Me - Badflower: Anyone who knows this song already knows how sad it is. But when you somewhat experience what the song is about, it hurts and it becomes real. The ending lyrics of this song break my heart even more.

Iris - DIAMANTE, Breaking Benjamin: We all know there are a hundred versions of this song, originally by Goo Goo Dolls, but this version is the best for me. I heard it at the right time in the car and it stuck with me.

Finale B - Rent: During my time of grieving and figuring out which songs will help me the most, my mind kept telling me songs from the RENT soundtrack. This is the very last song in the show and movie, and it's just too real. When Will I, Another Day and Without You lyrics are all combined, it's perfect. Especially "Life goes on but I'm gone, 'cause I die without you".

Run To The Water - Live: Another wonderful bathroom break song. The night of the funeral, I was at a restaurant. I decided to go to the bathroom last minute again and I heard this song. The chorus goes, "Run to the water and you'll find me there". And a lyric that got to me - "Rest easy, baby, rest easy".

I'm somewhere in the grieving process, I have no idea where. A Way With Words will be on hiatus until I am able to come back. Hopefully not too long. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and has been supporting me and my music blog. I will be back soon.

- Bethany

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