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NEW EP: Ginkgo Balboa Release New EP 'Balloon Duty'

Ginkgo Balboa posing for album artwork
Ginkgo Balboa by Shaun Michael Chilton

Ginkgo Balboa - the project of dynamic duo Mike Bednarsky and Ben Masbaum - began in 2019 and have since released a series of singles amongst two EPs. 2020 saw the band's self-titled debut EP with featured tracks such as "The Other Day" - anthemic high-energy dance song, and "IDK Your Dog" - a woozy, dreamy, slow jam.

Since then, Ginkgo Balboa has pushed the envelope by seamlessly drawing influence from a swath of music genres but never straying too far from pop sensibilities that give the band that de facto Millenial/Gen Z feel. When the group returned in 2021, the single "Cleaning House" was a cautionary tale on the perils of dating in today's internet-driven world, but the backdrop of frantic, pulsing instrumentation perfect of that of a 1970s roller rink disco.

The Balloon Duty era officially began May 5 with the release of its first single "Tie Me Down", which is also the EP's triumphant opening track, built by an unshakable hook and confident guitar strides. The EP, which promises to keep listeners on their chlorine-scented toes with the help of featured artists, is very much a sequel to 2020's self-titled EP.

With a title that honors Ginkgo Balboa's easygoing aesthetic and its knack for creating a relaxed setting as an inviting escape for fans, Balloon Duty is the ultimate warm weather soundtrack, bursting with effervescent melodies and funky rhythms that capture the glowing warmth of the California sun. As always on the project, the duo dives into the indefinite depths of romance, tackling the emotional waves that come with love and dating, as well as with navigating the choppy waters of relationships.

The EP also features the duo's synthy 80s-inspired track "Helena Troy" which features morning sun, the moniker of former Broadway singer Amy Ehrlich. Although it serves as cautionary tale and updates the tragic story of Helen of Troy with a naiive lady-of-the-night as the protaginist, at its core, the song speaks to being in control of our own fate and serves as an important reminder that that we have the power to direct our life path.

Ginkgo Balboa has made an undeniable impact on the LA music scene with its mesmerizing, genre-bending sound that embodies a laid-back lifestyle built on good vibes and sunshine. With the arrival of the Balloon Duty era, the duo continues to solidify its position as an unstoppable force, pushing the musical envelope to bring fans irresistible new music that they aren't soon to forget.


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