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LISTEN: Badflower's Responsive New Single "F*ck The World"

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Fick the world. Fick.

Badflower dropped an amazing lo-fi rock 'n' roll track and it's a huge statement about the world and a message to the world. Talking about climate change and activism, in general, has been crucial to rock since the genre started. According to an article on Alternative Press, Lead vocalist Josh Katz states that the band was originally asked to write and record a song for the film, and was convinced when you are asked to do something specific as an artist, they're looking for something vague and specific. That's not something he's good at and although the band started to try writing with that intention, it was a disaster and "totally failed". The band decided to go against the the idea of writing a song for a film, and release it themselves for everyone to enjoy. Josh also stated, "Climate Change is something I feel passionate about. During that time I was heavily engaged in it (the 2020 election) and I just started having this fantasy about a future generation leaving earth as a result of our generation doing nothing."

The lyrics that catch your attention are "Trash the world you left for us, leave the young to clean it up." The chorus picks up and the lyrics get even deeper and more true. "Say goodbye to you and I, fuck the world and all the wrong and they all put onto me, 'cause they're to blame for everything, we'll leave tonight before the ice is gone (I hear the reaper calling), but we won't survive."

Every time Badflower releases music, it shocks the world. They just keep getting better with each song and album they put out. From the first time I saw them in concert opening for The Wrecks, to their first headline tour, to going to be seeing them at Aftershock this year, this band is here to stay and they're doing great things. Badflower, we love you.


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