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ON REPEAT: What I'm Listening To (August 2023)

A new segment on the blog in which our editor (Bethany) releases her emotions on (personal) current events through songs she's been hyperfocusing on! Be sure to check out the playlist as well. :)

We're in the month where Summer is (finally) slowing down, kids are going back to school, I'm feeling financially well for the moment and my favorite season is on its way. This summer, I've been through a whirlwind of emotions - anger, jealousy, heartbreak, punk-attitude, sunshine, hippie vibes, and personal growth. It was the best of times (listening to Greta Van Fleet), it was the worst of times (consistently listening to Brand New). While I spent most of my summer figuring out how I was going to financially afford to live due to my job being slow in summer, I collected a series of songs from Greta Van Fleet to Hippo Campus.

#1 Waited All Your Life - Greta Van Fleet: I know it's insanely shocking that the first song I've had on repeat lately is a GVF song, but this song has been extremely motivating to me. Whenever I listen to it, I can feel sunshine and it positively affects my mood. It's the first song on my main playlist right now, I listen to it when I work out, when I'm getting ready, etc. And to hear it performed live acoustically was pretty amazing as well. I also got to witness my current favorite member (Daniel) play acoustic guitar during it in person.

#2 Moonshine - Hippo Campus: I'd never heard of this band until I worked their show earlier this May... But I fell in love with them! So many of their songs became instantly relatable to me and I'm pretty sure at the beginning of summer, I was listening to them and almost nobody else (like not even Greta). I specifically love the lyrics - "Don't worry so much/even though the best of us are already gone/We live another day with a special someone on the tip of our tongues."

#3 The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows - Brand New: So Brand New was introduced to me by a friend this year (though I'm surprised I didn't know them before), and their songs have been on repeat for me all Summer. I was introduced to them in Spring and their songs became instantly relatable. "The Quiet Things" is my favorite song by Brand New and I truthfully can't even explain why - I've just found myself screaming the chorus a lot this year.

#4 MYSTERY - Turnstile: I had no idea who Turnstile was until I worked their show last year, but when I started listening to their music on my own, their songs became anthems for me. I listen to Turnstile a LOT when I work out, when I need to get things done, when I'm cleaning, etc. One day I was in Hot Topic with my mom and "Mystery" came on and she started singing it and I was in utter most shock. I know my mom listens to an alt-rock station, but her knowing Turnstile? That was next level.

#5 Black Limousine - Dinosaur Pile-up: It's been one hell of a lonely summer for me. Most of the time, I've been in my apartment by myself - productively getting things done - but I've learned I feel mentally better when I'm not alone. Whenever I have hard days of being alone, I'll get myself out of my house, go for a walk, and turn on music that makes me feel not alone. I was introduced to DPU in 2019 and went to their show in a tiny basement venue that year, and when I heard "Black Limousine" performed, I immediately clinged onto the song. The lyrics make me feel less alone and it's a very calming song for me.

#6 Speeding 72 - Momma: This group was introduced to me by the same friend who introduced me to Brand New (so thank you <3) and this particular track just feels like summer to me. It feels like you're a teenager during sunset in summer and you're in the car with your friends, or your crush, and you're just ignoring life but you're having an amazing time. This song reminds me of when I was younger, but also present day. It's a chill vibe and I like to turn it on when I need a laid back track.

#7 Anthem - Greta Van Fleet: This has been such a calming and inviting song for the last five years for me. I remember when this song was released ahead of GVF's debut album, and it's a song that everyone needs to hear at some point in their life. I feel very fortunate that I got to hear this song performed live during the Starcatcher World Tour and it will never be irrelevant.

#8 Seventy Times 7 - Brand New: I honestly have no idea why I like this song so much, but it's definitely one of my most played songs this year. I listen to it when I work out, when I clean, I'm listening to it right now. It's a super catchy song with a memorable chorus and has relatable lyrics such as - "I hope you choke and die." I recently realized (somehow didn't know before) I'm attracted to people and situations that love stoner rock, pop punk, punk, etc. - so it makes sense why I love this song.

#9 Percy Faith - Damien Jurado: Would not know this song without Greta Van Fleet's "Choose The Road" playlist, and I just found out this song was released in 2018 - not the 70s like I thought. The bluesy keyboards, the soft acoustics, the strong vocals all encapsulate the song and message it's a feel-good song. Since I got back from travelling to Nashville, it's been on repeat.

#10 Light Of The Moon - Sharaya Summers: This also stems from Choose The Road, and presents itself with calming acoustics, infectious melodies and Fleetwood Mac vibes throughout its entirety. The track also features astrological lyrics and sentiments, and exclaims the power of being a woman and feeling the moon's power. It's another calming track that's provided comfort to me recently and I'm excited to listen to it during the Fall season.

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