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ON REPEAT: What I'm Listening To (June 2024)

It's been a long while since we've last visited our On Repeat series (like seven months) and we decided since it's summer time, we're gonna get back into it. We're diving into our personal ON REPEAT playlist on Spotify and showcase the songs we're obsessed with for June 2024.

Chroma - Mt. Eddy: This song dates back to 2017 from a band called Mt. Eddy (now known as Ultra Q) and presents itself with Jakob Armstrong's captivating vocals, jazz melodies, thundering drums from Chris Malaspina and extremely relatable lyrics. The song remains a generational stamp in time for all those who embrace it.

Light My Love - Greta Van Fleet: While it seems like this song is always included in some personal article, I was in GVF's presence recently and this song speaks to me so much and always lifts my spirits. I doubt there's any days that go by I'm not listening to it at least once.

End Of Beginning - Djo: Within recent months, "End Of Beginning" had a random viral moment on Tik Tok and quickly climbed the Billboard charts as the song encapsulates Joe Keery's illuminating vocals and reflects on a timeless past.

Funeral Grey - Waterparks: I had the privilege of recently working a Waterparks show in March and I have to say after working countless live events, Waterparks has been my favorite artist to work with. The energy the crowd and band distributes is incomparable and "Funeral Grey" quickly captured my heart live, as did the band.

My Golden Years - The Lemon Twigs: This song is already my number one track for Summer 2024, being that the vocals from Brian and Michael D'Addario present Beach Boys-esque vibes. With soft acoustics and calming harmonies, this song is the perfect one for your summer playlist.

Percy Faith - Damien Jurado: This song came to me last summer as I came back home from a trip to Nashville, showcasing blues and americana-like vibes. The bluesy keyboards, the soft acoustics, the strong vocals encapsulate the song and portray it's a feel-good song.

Put Your Money On Me - The Struts: The Struts are gearing for their headlining 2024 summer tour and I've been pumping myself up for their St. Louis show. In 2022, I had the honor of seeing the band perform this song at 2022 Pointfest and their performance of "Put Your Money On Me" threw me into a rock n roll wonderland. With catchy guitars, memorable verses and thrilling vocals, this song can uplift you at any point.

tired of california - Nessa Barrett: I recently got "young forever" (which is repeated in this song's bridge + the title of Nessa Barrett's debut album) with butterflies tattooed on me and it's partially in tribute to Nessa. I think "tired of california" is the perfect summer song & is amazing to listen to as you're landing in the golden state.

Fall of Summer - Scotty McCreery: Coming from Scotty's most recent album Rise & Fall, "Fall of Summer" screams summer perfection (and if you know me, you know Scotty is one of the only country artists I listen to). The track's honest lyrics and comforting melodies will have you wishing it was summer year-round.

Annie's Song - John Denver: I can listen to this song in any season, but summer 2020 is when it came to me. With calming acoustics and illuminating vocals, "Annie's Song" speaks of mountains, spring time and transforms nature into metaphors.

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Great list, needs some Rush in there though.. 😉

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