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ON REPEAT: What I'm Listening To (September 2023)

Yay! I'm continuing this newer segment and it's upon my favorite season! Mercury is (still) in retrograde and I'm just over it by now. I prepared for the event as much as possible, but I'm ready for it to be over now. Over the last few weeks, I've had a friend pass, got too drunk a couple of times, blew through money, etc. I know most people will say "well that's just life" and they're probably right.... But allegedly I make excuses for my actions so :) The taste in music this month is slightly different than the last. This one is filled with Fleetwood Mac, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41 and more.

#1 Silver Springs (Live at Warner Brothers Studios) - Fleetwood Mac: This song has been ALL over my Tik Tok lately and I finally listened to it on my own. The feelings and emotions in this song are almost too much to handle. I even wrote an entire article on why I love it so much. The chorus is literally what every woman and non-man has felt at some point in their life. Stevie Nicks is a white witch - which means she doesn't do black magic. But I think the best thing about this song, specifically in this version, is she's literally singing about Lindsey Buckingham TO him, looking at him and being fully present with the situation. This song was her letting him know he would haunt her for the rest of her life and he has.

#2 The Archer - Greta Van Fleet: I had to make sure I didn't include this in the August edition because that's how in love with this song I am. There's something about hearing it live for the first time that made me addicted to it. It may be Josh's lower-toned vocals, or Jake's piratical guitar playing, but I just can't get enough of this song. It's a really good motivation song for when I'm working out or when I need to get things done.

#3 Underclass Hero - Sum 41: I just saw Sum 41 for the first (and possibly only) time last week and they brought out my punk side yet again. "Underclass Hero" is obviously what it sounds like and I feel like it's the story of my life with always being an outcast and never fitting in. The chorus - "We're doing fine and we don't need to be told /That we're doing fine/'Cause we won't give you control" is always the right attitude for me. I pledge allegiance to the underclass as your hero at large!

#4 The End./Dead! - My Chemical Romance: I realize these are two separate songs, but they literally go together and should always be put together. With these two songs being how MCR's 2006 album The Black Parade begins, I love listening to them any time of year... But especially during the fall/Halloween time because that's when I first started listening to them. There's something about certain MCR songs that just fit your persona, or your life or feelings, and you can't help but crave more of that.

#5 Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day: This song reminds me of the first time I saw Green Day and that show was the first time I'd heard this song. "Jesus Of Suburbia" only makes sense to you if you have emotional trauma and you're a punk. I can't really explain it any clearer than that. But it comes from American Idiot and will make you feel whole if you're the right person.

#6 Just The Girl - The Click Five: Unless you're an older Gen-Zer or Millenial, you probably don't know this song. I recently had a work meeting and at our afterparty, someone sang this at karaoke and it unlocked my memory of this song. Also, I saw on Tik Tok that this song was released 18 years ago and I've always loved it. I remember hearing it on Disney channel and Radio Disney and I just really love hearing it.

#7 Seed Of Memory - Terry Reid: I know this song because of Jake Kiszka (big surprise) and it gives me fall vibes. So naturally, it's been on repeat. The lo-fi acoustics and vocals are calming and soothing.

#8 Pages - White Reaper: I love White Reaper and I hope I get to work one of their shows at some point <3 I've listened to this song so much this year and I have no idea why. The chorus is extremely catchy and I find myself listening to "Pages" a lot.

#9 Laid - Better Than Ezra: Obviously, this isn't the original version of this song. But I worked a Better Than Ezra show last year and when I heard their version of "Laid", I fell in love! It's definitely a guilty pleasure song, but it's fun to dance around to. And it's also not one of five songs I listen to over and over.

#10 Damn Strait - Scotty McCreery: I'm not a huge country music fan and I never have been. But we all know I have loved Scotty McCreery since Top 24 week on 2011's season of American Idol and I will stand by him and his music forever. I have heard this song so much lately in public. I don't listen to country radio, or radio most of the time for that matter. I have heard this in an Uber, at the mall, I heard another one of Scotty's songs at a restaraunt... So clearly I should be listening to him right now. "Damn Strait" is my favorite song from his album Same Truck.

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