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Palaye Royale: Top Ten Songs

Oh, Palaye Royale... One of the last concerts I went to and was so full of energy. I almost decided to not be in the pit for this one, but I was just too excited and hopped in.

Palaye Royale just announced that their YouTube Documentary Series "Royal Television" is making a comeback after two years! The series documented life on the road with Palaye Royale during their first tours. The official comeback will be April 2nd, according to the announcement on Twitter.

Since Palaye Royale announced the return of Royal Television, I got super excited about it and decided to break down my top ten Palaye Royale songs. All of these songs has been added to the Rock The World playlist on Spotify!

#1 Tonight Is The Night I Die - Oh, The Bastards... Those Bastards. To say that Palaye Royale's latest album "The Bastards" lived up to the hype is a complete understatement. When it was released in May 2020, which seems like a lifetime ago by the way, it shocked Rock fans around the world as well as Palaye Royale fans aka The Royal Council. This was personally my favorite song from that album and clenched the top spot on this list. It was so relatable for me when this song first dropped, being that we were in quarantine and it was number one for at least a good six months in 2020 on my On Repeat playlist on Spotify. Although I had to stop listening to it as much as I actually was as I was trying to listen to more uplifting songs, it still claims the top spot for Palaye Royale songs. Remington has mentioned before that his lyrics are how he feels and how he expresses himself and I think that really shows in not only this entire album, but also this song and I think that's a really beautiful thing and these lyrics are very relatable.

#2 Dying In A Hot Tub - Which is track number four on Boom Boom Room Side B was my first-ever favorite Palaye Royale song. Seeimng this performed live was an amazing experience.

#3 Get Higher - This is definitely one of the more uplifting Palaye Royale songs, even though Remington says "I'm gonna set this house on fire". It's super upbeat, and my favorite thing about this song is at live shows Remington tells everyone to "get low". So everyone kneels or squats, and when the chorus starts back up, Remington has everyone raise back up - slowly, and then jumps.

#4 Nervous Breakdown - This of course has to be on the list because it happens to all of us every once in a while! The music video for this is a perfect visualization of what nervous breakdowns are and how they can feel.

#5 Mr. Doctor Man - One of the first songs I heard from Palaye Royale, it features The Boom Boom Room!

#6 Don't Feel Quite Right - I absolutely love this song. However, the first time I watched this music video, it caught me wayyyy offguard.

#7 Ma Cherie (Feat. Kellin Quinn) - Probably the cutest of Palaye Royale's songs. The first time I heard this song it pulled me in just with the title, then hearing it in all it's glory, it's just so great for your ears to hear.

#8 You'll Be Fine - The first song I heard by Palaye Royale! This video somewhat reminds me of the "MMMBop" video, maybe it's just because of the car, but I've heard Remington mention a few times that he loves Hanson - it was his first concert and the first album he ever bought - it's probably just a coincidence. But I thought it'd be fun to just throw that out there.

#9 Hang On To Yourself - Funny enough, this song reminds me of the start of the pandemic. That's definitely not what it's about, but I remember Palaye Royale having to run home to LA while they were on tour in Europe due to the countries were shutting down. I remember they were running through airports with the masks they wear in the music video, and it was just kind of a "hang on to yourself" type of situation.

#10 Fucking With My Head - We've reached the end of the list! This is a pretty initial list if you've never listened to Palaye Royale, these are truly their best (and some of their earliest) tracks to listen to. Fucking With My Head is about - exactly what it sounds like. And the music video fits pretty well too. I feel that this video and the Hang On To Yourself videos sort of tie in together and it's cool to see.

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