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EP Review - Jxdn's "Pray"

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

I can not get away from this song. Or this kid. I’m not on Tik Tok. I have no reason to be on it. It’s just not my thing. But I do know that it’s the latest greatest thing. Especially this year when there’s been nothing else to do. My boyfriend started playing this kid named Jaden Hossler, aka Jxdn, a few months ago in the car with his song “Angels and Demons”. I won’t lie, I was super annoyed with this kid at first. I knew he was from Tik Tok and I just didn’t want anything to do with him. But this kid keeps poppin’ out songs. Next was Comatose. Then So What! And now it’s Pray. I finally started liking this kid a month ago and started listening to him on my own. So I GUESS I had to bring myself to do a review of his EP where all of his songs are all together called, “Pray”.

Jxdn’s latest song called “Pray”, just released on August 20, is probably the most real song. He even stated that this “might be one of my (his) biggest songs of all time not bc of numbers but bc of what it is. It’s exactly that. It’s not a song. It’s a cry for help when I was at the lowest point in my life. There is hope. You’re not alone.” Via his Twitter. When I read that, it made me respect this kid even more. He’s just a kid. And while I don’t personally know him, hearing that, you can just see that he’s been through a lot. And it honestly hurts my heart to know that. He’s 19. He’s a star. Who knows how his life actually is/was. This song really made me think. Made me think about how this kid is so young, but sings/raps with such maturity. And I think my favorite thing about his music is that he’ll rap in one song, and then be a total Pop Punk singer in the next one. Some songs are super serious, some are just for fun. He really goes back and forth and just does whatever he wants. And I can tell that he’s a true musician. Just hearing this song actually made me look at him as a serious musician and not just one of those Tik Tok boys. You can hear the pain in his voice when he sings Pray. It almost makes tears fall from my eyes. Because it’s so real. When you’re my age and start realizing a lot of people around you are younger, and when they go through things and are sad and are hurting, you can’t help but want to be there for them. Like you want to be their mom. Like you want to protect them from the world and people that hurt them. That’s just how this song made me feel. I know nothing about this kid. But you can tell by the lyrics in this song, by the way he sings it, he’s been through some rough things. I admire him putting this song out, it’s not easy to express feelings always… So often for men especially. Men are to be seen NOT to express feelings or emotion. I also admire him for switching the lyrics in the middle of the song from “I pray to God let me die in my sleep” to “I pray to God I don’t die in my sleep”. That’s a beyond huge statement on both ends.

Lyrics that hook me:

“I pray to God I don’t die in my sleep”

“You’re as sick as all the secrets you keep”

“I’m as sick as all these secrets I keep”

The next track might be the first one I ever heard by Jxdn and as of right now, is his most played track on Spotify with close to 46 million plays. I hated this song for a while. My first impression and attitude overall towards him and this song was “What is this” “Who is this” “Who does this guy think he is?” I’ve actually grown to like the acoustic version of this song more, which can be found here. I played this song in the car with my mom and she… Had an interesting reaction. A total mom reaction. “He’s kinda nasty. He’s just a child.” I mean, she’s right. He is just a child.

Lyrics that hook me:

“Two face two face yeah”

“Black white left right yeah”

“And all these angels and demons, keep shouting and screaming, keep calling from Eden”

“So fuck me like a rockstar, dancing on a cop car”

“Fucked up like a rockstar, riding in a cop car”

“I’m so sick of the nonsense, Ima dive into the mosh pit”

“Me plus me is a problem”

“So What!” is definitely one of my jams from 2020. So needless to say, it’s my favorite song by Jxdn. We got Travis Barker (from Blink-182) on drums, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) in the music video, lyrics are super relatable. I’m not even joking at the slightest when I say, that I truly must scream the chorus to this song in my head at least once a day. What can I say? This kid’s pretty talented. My favorite lyric of this song might be “It sucks that you’re so pretty” simply because my boyfriend sings that part to me and makes me blush. (I know, we’re gross)

Lyrics that hook me:

“These thoughts in my head take control”

“So what I’m broken, and my heart is frozen”

“All my words are choking, I’m so over life”

“So what I’m broken, knew this love was poison”

“All these wounds are open, I’m so down tonight”

“Exhausted, It’s toxic, you took the line and crossed it”

“Don’t miss me, you’re busy, it sucks that you’re so pretty”

“She said it’s all my fault, it’s all mine”

The concluding track on this EP is called “Comatose”, which is the second song I listened to from Jxdn. This song is super catchy and the lyrics pretty much explain the entire song.

Lyrics that hook me:

“I don’t care enough to miss you, after all the shit we been through, my heart’s comatose, comatose”

“You were my best friend, now you’re dead to me”

“Straight coats and empty cabinets”

All in all, the tracks that Jxdn has put out so far have obviously got my attention enough to listen to a lot and do an EP review already. I think he’s super talented and am excited for everything he does in the future. You can stream Jxdn’s EP, “Pray” on all streaming platforms.

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