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Review Of Mt. Eddy's Album: "Chroma" (track by track):

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Formerly known as Mt. Eddy, that is. The band now goes by a badass name of “Ultra Q”, but more on that in a different article. When I personally reflect and say this album is the best god damn album I’ve ever heard in my life I truly mean it. The killer guitar riffs, the thrashing drums, the vocals, everything. Mixing together sounds of jazz and rock on tracks is just something that not many bands do today. Especially when half of the band are still teenagers.

Jumping right into this amazing and complete album of ten tracks, we start off with “Chroma”, also known as one of my favorite songs in the entire world. Eight minutes long. A song you can listen to when it’s 7:52 pm and you’re inside a venue right down in second row waiting for your favorite band Ultra Q to come on stage. A song that makes you laugh, cry, go up to the lead singers mother at an event where it’s their last show under the name “Mt. Eddy”, and explain how proud you are of them and how much you love them. The title track starts off with some slow jazz guitar riffs with light tapping on cymbals and then hits hard with the loudest guitar and smashing drums. There are countless things to say about this song. Being eight minutes long and not having lyrics the entire time, this track has some actual fantastic music in it. From here, I’ll let the lyrics do the speaking.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“You should grow your hair out long, look like those girls on TV”

“I scream words of sex and drugs, for the realization that no one gives a fuck”

“In the morning time we lay in your bed, I don’t wanna be alone, please get stuck in my head”

Moving onto our next track, “Wilshambe” is apparently a mixture of fellow band “SWMRS” manager, Wills (aka Buddha) and the late great gorilla that was killed by a zookeeper in Cincinati in 2016 where a three year old boy climbed into the gorilla’s cage. The gorilla’s name was “Harambe”. The song has a great beat to it and is very fun to dance to.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“I know you’re itching for love, just make me sit and wait quietly”

“I know you’re itching for love, but that’s the way it ought to be”

“Lovely” was the first song that I had ever heard by Mt. Eddy. We have never determined if the singer (Jakob Armstrong) is speaking of himself or making fun of society in his lyrics during this song.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Let’s all dress our kids up cute make them sit and watch us be adults”

“Look inside my skull, I’m not thinking at all”

“One day older, we feel colder, pour my heart out, hold it close”

“Won’t you hug me, and hold me, and tell me I’m lovely”

“You should stretch your legs out long all the kids they like it when you’re tall,

but they hate those shoes”

“Make your teeth get whiter plastic cheeks are harder to smile, but we fucking love it”

“Working Title” is one of my friends favorite songs by Mt. Eddy. I guess the title is a work in progress. A very upbeat and fast moving song, it’s very fun to sing along to and scream lyrics while jumping around in your room.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“I think that happiness is overrated like your white fucking teeth”

“I miss binging tv shows, sitcom, laugh, shitty movie joke”

“So say goodbye and take this light and I know you want to be alright”

“You can say this was a fire, but what’s the point of being right?”

“You’re over your head”

“Song and Fury” is one that you like to scream at a party or a gathering. One you can scream at your sister with. You both know the lyrics so well, and since she threw this album and band in your face, you’ll eventually find yourself writing a review of the album.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Life is so unusual, why can’t I just let this go? Lick your lips of chocolate stains and watch your favorite tv shows”

“But song and fury! Song and fury! Song and fury!”

“Why don’t I feel much much older?

Yell and scream at me till I’m bothered”

“Keep this stare, oh la dee da”

“Break that smile, oh la dee da”

“Metaphor” is one of my personal favorites from this album because it’s the type of song you listen to when you’re tired. I feel that every time I’m exhausted and worn out, I listen to this track and it keeps me going.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Move over a little closer than before and Fingers touch near your wrist, it's a metaphor Shoes off and your socks laying on the floor I don't wanna be the one to say goodnight first”

“Cause I’m weird my words don’t rhyme, it’s like I’m talking but dying at the same time, oh shit”

“The Whale Song” is a hell of a title, but a super fun and upbeat song you can find yourself spinning in circles in the pit to.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“I miss my life, I miss my bed, bring me back home”

“Where do I go to get the feeling in my toes”

“Leave Me Alone” is a song about exactly what the title says. This song is always playing during rough days at work, emotional days, exhausting times and while I’m traveling. It’s actually a really great song and is very relatable!

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Get me away from here, I think I know what you mean”

“Give it a break, who needs this bad day, anyway?

Fucked in the head, it's like a pastime, baby When all you wanted just seems to hurt And you'd rather stop moving, than feel it all there Fuck it all, stay Who needs this bad day, anyway”

“Orange” is truly, truly, a personal favorite of mine from this band. Why is it called Orange? That mystery has not been solved yet.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Going to rewind what’s inside of me that’s hard to see”

“In the morning I’ll be fine, it’s not easy being what you need”

Ending the album with a song called “Doze Off”. (This one is probably about guitar player Enzo Malaspina since he likes to “doze off” a lot :-)) This song is great for when you’re trying to sleep, trying to chill out, do homework, focus on getting shit done, or you’re just in that kind of mind.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“I like to doze off, spit your words right at me I’m not here”

“And I like to sit in space, but now I wanna feel it all”

“Oh I like to sit in space, but now I wanna see you all”

Stay tuned for the next review of Mt. Eddy’s EP titled, “MT. EDDY”. *Also stay tuned for a review of Ultra Q’s debut EP, “We’re Starting To Get Along”! Now streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, wherever you listen to music.*

Mt. Eddy (now known as Ultra Q) consists of: Jakob Danger (Guitar, Lead Vocals) Kevin Judd (Bass, Vocals) Enzo Malaspina (Guitar, Vocals) and Christian Malaspina (Drums and Rhythm)

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