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Revisiting R-Type: One Year Later

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

It is completely insane to me that this album came out a year ago. ONE WHOLE YEAR. It was also so insane to think about that I was reunited with Ochoa Boyz (from when I was a teenager) the night before R-Type came out. This album was definitely one of my favorite albums of 2020, but most likely in top 20 albums of all time. I’m not redoing my review of this album, because that’s already finished. But I thought it would be fun and interesting to see how I’ve grown to love these songs. Over the last year, I listened to it an incredible amount of times. In every day life. Whether it was working out, doing chores around the house, in the car. This music is what helped me get through 2020 and that’s something I will remember and cherish forever. (R-Type Review)

#1 4K Rival- Ochoa Boyz fell in at number four on my top artists of 2020, which was somewhat surprising to me because I felt that I wasn’t listening to them as much in the middle of the year, as I was in the beginning of the year. “4K Rival” was a song I put on constantly when I needed to be motivated. Whether I was getting ready for work, working out, even needing to get things done around the house, this song was there for me. Since I’ve listened to this song a lot and realize what it’s about now, I felt the lyrics were very relatable.

Favorite lyrics:

“I bet you lied through your teeth with one hand on your bible”

“Lemme call the shots ‘cause she ain’t got a bad side, know what to do when her body acting camera shy”

“My happy hour’s over when I say it is”

“Got my three fingers up you can read between the lines”

#2 Ghost – Listening to these songs I’ve listened to repeatedly over the last year and how well I know the lyrics is just the best thing for me. I feel like since my previous review of this album, I’ve gotten to know these songs so much more, have truly listened to these lyrics, and have tried to understand what each song is about. Each song has meaning. Each song has tremendous value to these boys lives and so much of this album is so relatable to not only myself, but also countless others. I believe that some of these songs, like tons of songs out there in the world, are related to what these boys have experienced in their lives. This song is probably one of the most relatable songs for anyone who’s listened to it.

Favorite lyrics:

“Things change so quickly I know that we all grow up, but you didn’t have to let it get this far, I was there when you couldn’t afford a car, now you’re acting like a superstar”

“Give me a pen I can go crazy your pen’s writing rhymes daily”

“Here’s a lollipop you’re a sucker if you thought Boyz You Like would stop”

#3 Guttah – So previously, this was my favorite song on this album… However, that has changed. This song has just kind of been floating in the background for me. I still think it’s a great track, but on a personal level, I tend to go for the more serious songs as my favorites. I definitely have listened to this song a ton of times while working out and getting things done around the house. When I hear some of these lyrics sometimes, they still take me by surprise, reminding me that all of these people in this group are actual adults, as am I.

Favorite lyrics:

“I wonder, wonder, can I get her mind up in that guttah”

“In the guttah her favorite place don’t tell her motha”

#4 Lost In Your Love – This has been one of these sweetest songs I’ve ever heard. My feelings about this song haven’t really changed, I think it’s such a great song and is truly uplifting. Since Bobby is more of the singer of the group, his voice is very recognizable and I always know when I hear him singing.

Favorite lyrics:

“’Cause I’m lost in your love, in your love”

“This is how it be, your love is lucky with me”

#5 Day 1 – I think this song is better than I thought it was when I first listened to it. I know way more of these lyrics than I was even aware of.

Favorite lyrics:

“Got off on the right stable with my day one feels good”

“New day new fresh start aye! See her glowing in the dark that’s bae”

#6 Motor – I feel like Ryan will yell at me if I don’t absolutely hype this song up. (Just kidding, he would never. But he really likes the attention he gets for this song) I’ve actually listened to this song a ton of times over the last year. Most of the time it’s been while working out because it’s such a motivating beat and it’s very unique for me. Since I don’t usually listen to the type of music that Ochoa Boyz makes, it’s beats and melodies that I don’t normally hear a lot of. And this song just really has a different vibe from other songs on the album, but it still fits perfectly with it. And he shouts out his brothers in it, which of course is something everyone wants to hear!

Favorite lyrics

“Where my dawgs at Ray and Ricky Bobby takin’ pictures in the lobby now they doin’ this without me”

“She’s lookin’ at me with those eyes givin’ signs waitin’ for play time fate on my side”

#7 Honor Roll – So first of all, looking back at my previous album review, I was writing this at three in the morning. I’m now only a year older, but I don’t even stay up that late anymore. I truly can not even remember the last time I stayed up that late. I mean seriously, this past new years, I was up until midnight and then fell asleep at about 12:15 because I had to work the next morning. But at least I made it in. I do remember working on this (previous) review until about four or five in the morning, and then waking up at seven in the morning to go visit my grandpa who was in the hospital at the time, but is now doing so much better. Anyway, I haven’t listened to this song as much as I probably should have in the last year, ya know since it’s on the album, but I think it’s one of those I can casually listen to. Personally, I think it’s a song that I wouldn’t go and put on myself, but I don’t believe I would skip it either.

Favorite lyrics:

“All you gotta do is make my honor roll”

“Nothing can faze me I’m on the honor roll baby”

#8 Real One – This is another one I probably should have listened to more than I have in the past year, but I do know that this is definitely a fan favorite. I’ve seen countless people talking about this song, making videos of themselves singing and dancing to it, people absolutely adore this song and I understand why.

Favorite lyrics:

“I’m a gentleman don’t grab it like a politician make you my new candy girl like New Edition pay attention”

#9 Closer To The Moon – Here it is. The big one. This is somewhat half of the reason I’m even revisiting this album. I feel that at first, I wasn’t completely fair about this song. My brain could not fully comprehend this song when I first listened to it. This is one of my favorite songs. In the world. It’s so true. So passionate. And it’s so serious. I’ve listened to this song an incredible amount of times over the last year and I’m so glad that I did. There’s a lot going on in this song. It’s very personal. The emotional value that this song has is something that most people can’t understand. For some reason, my brain chose this song to be “the one”. The one song that I take away from this album that I will most likely carry with me for the rest of my life because it hits me so hard. It touches my heart. It makes me think about life. And the music video (that was directed by Ryan & Rick Ochoa, edited by Ryan & Bobby, and produced by Ochoa Boyz) is so simple, yet it works so well. It’s perfect. It’s perfect because it shows that these artists don’t need all of the bells and whistles that big production companies want to use. It shows that the point of a music video, is to hear a song. I watch more and more artists creating their own works of art, doing things by themselves, doing things they actually want to do and the way they want to do it. Hearing this song and watching the video at the same time is most likely the best way to listen to it. Being able to watch the most sincere looks in their eyes while performing this song is unbelievable. Sometimes I do forget that not only are they artists and creators, but all three are actors as well so they know exactly what they’re doing. Just watching the video, that is so beautiful and simple, I believe that’s when I started clinging on to this song. Also, older brother Rick makes an appearance towards the ending of the video, which is a great surprise. And the ending harmonies…

Favorite lyrics:

“Granted we don’t need no fancy things just a moment and a memory”

“We made it in the starlight now you driftin’ like a starlight”

“Faded out too soon closer to the moon”

“Money doesn’t matter family is a blessin’”

“I just wanna I want to get closer to the moon”

#10 Puzzle’d Up – I forgot how many songs are on this album! But we adore full-length albums. I feel that this is kind of an ode to Raymond not only being the purge doctor, but also his love for horror movies. Although I’m not a fan of horror movies, I still know every character and movie he’s talking about in this song. I’ve actually come to love this song a lot and know almost every word. It’s extremely catch and fun to workout to.

Favorite lyrics:

“1,2 childs play in the room at the bates motel we got the best view”

“You might be Jamie Lee what’s up with yo acting”

“Have you looked at yourself lately in the mirror, is it clear, you’re a dollface I’m ghostface you’re the one I wanna hear”

#11 Short Notice – Most likely this is my second favorite song on this album, and it even reached number nine on my top listened to songs of 2020. It has such a nice beat to it and can really motivate you. This is such a hype song for me and apparently I listened to it even more than I realized over the past year.

Favorite lyrics:

“Lookin’ like a whole snack with a full rack can you picture that kodak”

“Lookin’ good when you wake up natural beauty with no makeup”

“Stay for a while ‘cause you can’t resist even when I’m around on short notice, this is our world baby we dominate”

#12 Lonely Road – We’re at the end of the album. (Again) I haven’t clinged on to this song as much, but I still think it’s a great song and has a lot going on in it.

Favorite lyrics:

“It’s all about the destination no one can’t drop my location, who cares no expression shown on this lonely road”

And there we have it. Revisiting and revisions of R-Type. I’ve never revisited an album with reviewing it a second time, but I believe it was a great idea. Revisiting this was so fun because I’ve seen how my writing skills have improved, how I’ve come to love this album, how these songs have helped me over the last year, and how the artists themselves have grown. Ryan caught the preview I shared on my Instagram story that I would be revisiting this album and he was “excited to read it” and told me to “enjoy revisiting R-Type”. I’m extremely excited to share with these artists what I think of their album one year later and am also excited to see what they come up with next. Ryan, Bobby, Raymond, thank you all so much for your music and sharing everything with me.

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