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REWIND: Revisitation Of Ochoa Boyz' R-Type

We reviewed this album a first time. We visited this album a second time. And now… We’re reflecting on one of our favorite albums of all time. Again. We really just can’t get enough of it. R-Type celebrated its three-year anniversary recently so we're adding to the commotion. So much has changed since we last visited Ochoa Boyz and their debut album. We changed our name from “A Way With Words” to “Song & Fury”, we’ve enhanced our writing skills and journalist approaches, and we’ve grown so much! We know they’ve grown as well. We break down each song of R-Type and reflect on memories we have, what we like about the track, and how we connect with each one. Get ready for an ethereal journey through R-Type.

4K Rival - “4K Rival” presents the perfect introduction to R-Type with motivating melodies, funky beats, and engaging lyrics. This song is the first track on our 2023 Motivation Playlist as its energetic beats carry us into a motivational state of mind. The lyrics - “I bet you lied through your teeth with one hand on your bible” - make a huge statement to society and I think it’s an incredible metaphor to use.

Ghost - The relatable lyrics - “I’m so tired of all these fake, fake friends” reminds us that we’re not alone in this world and we’ve all felt the feeling of being left out. When we’re younger, we often believe there’s something wrong with us if we don’t fit in with certain social groups. This song is a reminder that people change throughout life and your real friends won’t leave you in the dark.

Guttah - “Guttah” immediately pulls you in for a series of repetitive beats, melodious verses and a catchy chorus. With its motivational chorus along with easy-to-learn lyrics, you’ll feel amused by the track consistently.

Lost In Your Love - Ryan, Bobby and Raymond each have their own individual tracks on R-Type and while it may be controversial to the public, “Lost In Your Love” is my favorite. Over the course of ten years for keeping up with Ochoa Boyz, we never really decided who’s the absolute favorite of the group - and we don’t really need to. We love all of them equally… BUT if it was a life or death situation (and this would be a very necessary decision to make) I would have to say Bobby would probably be my favorite (don’t kill me Ryan.) “Lost In Your Love” features romanticized lyricism, swaying melodies and creates dreamy sounds throughout the track.

Day 1 - Continuing with the romantic aesthetic, “Day 1” presents passionate lyrics mixed with powerful verses and soothing beats. Along with melodic harmonies, Ochoa Boyz express their soft and emotional side throughout the song.

Motor - “Motor” (which is Ryan’s song) is a deeply motivating track with electric beats and uplifting lyrics. Its brisk melodies will inspire you to try different things. The chorus tends to grasp you in with its infectious lyrics and alluring vocals.

Honor Roll - “Honor Roll” features contagious melodies that will remain stuck in your head along with its repetitive, yet funky beats.

Real One - A fan favorite, “Real One” provides perfect r&b melodies mixed with hip-hop beats.

Closer To The Moon - Quite possibly the most important song on the album, “Closer To The Moon” contributes as flawless piece in the collection. The lyricisim symbolizes tragedy in life and captures emotional rawness of certain situaions in life. The symbolic lyric - “I just wanna be closer to the moon” - embodies emotional pain. The music video for the track (dir. By Ryan and Rick Ochoa) captures the emotional essence and illustrates it perfectly.

Puzzle’d Up - Raymond takes the lead as the song progresses with its illuminating lyrics - that are described to be horror movie based. During the track, he introduces himself as “The Purge Doctor” - which is his username for when he broadcasts on Twitch.

Short Notice - Originally released as a single, “Short Notice” is one of the most exciting tracks on the album with its funky beats, amusing lyrics and melodic harmonies.

Lonely Road - With powerful lyrics and excruciating vocals, “Lonely Road” closes out R-Type. Featuring high-energy levels and illuminating harmonies, the end of the album leaves a cliffhanger, leaving you with a wonder of what’s next from Ochoa Boyz.

All in all, R-Type is a collection of tracks filled with energetic vibes, and motivational melodies that create an adventurous journey throughout its entirety.





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