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SHOW REVIEW: How Greta Van Fleet Conquered Their St. Louis Return

Updated: Jun 28

Photo by Bethany Hildebrandt

Step into the realm of rock 'n' roll as Greta Van Fleet mesmerized the audience with their electrifying performance in St. Louis. The band's triumphant return to the stage was nothing short of a musical conquest, leaving fans in awe of their raw talent and captivating presence.

On a slightly cloudy (and little rainy) day in St. Louis, the Chaifetz Arena was hailed by Greta Van Fleet fans in the early hours of the morning for a chance to be blessed by their favorite band. The scene was surrounded by psychedelic outfits ranging from Josh Kiszka jumpsuits, to Jake Kiszka (pirate) inspired outfits, to Sammy Kiszka makeup, to Daniel Wagner aesthetic outfits. A cosmic night of revelry was in store for GVF's triumphant return to St. Louis.

With only one week's notice, a brand new band by the name of Mirador (consisting of Greta Van Fleet's Jake Kiszka and Ida Mae's Chris Turpin) opened the massive stage with blues rock-esque, as the sounds of thrilling guitars and powerhouse vocals from Chris and Jake hit the stage. This being the first time Jake Kiszka ever sang solo for the public, shrieks and screams echoed as soon as the artist serenaded the people.

As the crowd swelled with excitement throughout the night, the curtain fell to reveal the Starcatcher symbol emblazoned upon it. The air was filled with the enchanting melodies of orchestral renditions of Starcatcher tunes, resonating through the speakers and stirring the hearts of all who listened. The anticipation was high as the crowd was provided with a mini-light show. When the curtain fell to reveal four lads that looked familiar, Greta Van Fleet's St. Louis return had begun.

Jake began playing familiar chords on his guitar as Daniel hopped down to his drum set and got the party going with the hard-hitting track "The Falling Sky." Vivaciously leading into the next track, euphoric waves brought us into "The Indigo Streak," with Sammy and Daniel on background vocals. As the setlist journeyed into "Meeting The Master," captivating harmonies reverberated through the venue, intertwining Jake's impeccable acoustic melodies with Josh's radiant vocals.

Sammy showcased his musical prowess with the infamous keyboard melodies in the captivating performance of "Heat Above." Transitioning to the acoustic set on the B stage, the band serenaded the audience with soulful renditions of the classic tune"Unchained Melody," as well as their own "Waited All Your Life," and "Black Smoke Rising." The intimate connection with fans continued as Greta Van Fleet returned to the main stage, delivering a powerful and energetic performance to "Fate Of The Faithful" and "Sacred The Thread."

Jake's musical talent shines through as he takes on the fiery guitar tones of "The Archer," captivating the audience with his rock 'n' roll heroism. His powerful performance turns him into a true rock 'n' roll sherpa, guiding the crowd through a song that he truly owns.

Photo by Bethany Hildebrandt

As Jake, Josh, Sammy, and Daniel exited the dimly lit stage, the atmosphere became more vibrant as fans eagerly anticipated their encore. Following a brief period of enthusiastic cheers, flashing lights, and charm, Sammy emerged and perched on his piano bench, absorbing the energy from the cheering crowd. He showcased his musical prowess as he sat down at his beloved instrument, serenading the crowd with captivating piano melodies that he swayed to with passion. The audience was entranced as the familiar chords filled the air, and when the high-energy notes of "Light My Love" resonated, the crowd couldn't help but be moved, some even falling to their knees in reverence for their favorite song.

As the setlist reached the closer, Josh asked the crowd "Well they tell us we have time for one more, are you into it?" Greta Van Fleet concluded a memorable evening with a sing-along interaction between the fans, featuring Jake's mesmerizing guitar chords and the beloved chorus of "Farewell For Now."

Photo by Bethany Hildebrandt

In true fashion Josh left the crowd with "The night is young. So go out there and have a lot of fun... But be safe."

"This isn't a goodbye. It's a farewell for now." - Josh Kiszka

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All photos by Bethany Hildebrandt, courtesy of Song & Fury.


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Love your review. It really brought me back to that night. I’m so glad I was there to witness greatness

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