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Spotify Wrapped: 2020

2020: Wrapped.

Top Artists:

1. Greta Van Fleet

2. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Stranger Things music)

3. Palaye Royale

4. The Warning

5. Ochoa Boyz

Top Genres:

1. Rock

2. Pop

3. Soft Rock

4. Pop Punk

5. Modern Alternative Rock

It’s here! So 2019 was the first time I had ever paid attention to “Spotify: Wrapped”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that, the extremely popular streaming service tracks what you listen to all year long. From genres, to top artists, tracks and albums, to how many minutes you spent listening to music on Spotify throughout the year. I was going to only to talk about my top ten songs from this year, but since it’s 2020, I thought I would post my top 20. But it’ll be short and sweet. I promise.

#20: Chroma – Mt. Eddy: Had absolutely no idea this would be making the top 20, but I’ll take it. Yes, you’ve probably heard me talk about this song and album over and over again, whether in real life, on social media or just my blog, but I think it’s pretty great Mt. Eddy still made the cut this year.

#19: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police: Such a classic. Ever since 2017 or 2018, I’ve gotten really into The Police. I think it’s just the alternative/new wave-ness sound they had goin’ on in the 70s/80s is very different from other bands.

#18: Brave New World – Greta Van Fleet: You are being warned… There is A LOT of Greta Van Fleet in my top 20. It’s not my fault. Well I guess it is in the long run. Spotify, why did you do this.

#17: Tonight Is The Night I Die – Palaye Royale: I thought this song would have been higher on the list, but I guess I wasn’t as depressed the entire year. In the beginning of COVID and when we were actually stuck at home, I listened to this song so much. It was my number one song on repeat for months during this year. Even if it’s moved on down the list, it was still an important song I listened to during 2020. While they ranked number three for my top artists of this year, I think they deserve the number two spot (since they’re right behind the composers of the Stranger Things music.

#16: Annie’s Song – John Denver: I’m incredibly grateful this song made the top 20 cut. I fell in love with John Denver’s music over the last couple of years, especially this year. I discovered this song when I was listening to Denver’s initial album, “Back Home Again” on a road trip to one of my favorite places filled with mountains and nature.

#15: The One – The Warning: I’ve only been listening to The Warning for not even a full four months, but of course their songs made the list. They’re just too good. Especially this one.

#14: Safari Song – Greta Van Fleet: I definitely expected this one to crack the top ten, but I’m glad it’s within range. This song puts me in the best mood and it’s one I jam to almost everyday. So essentially, it did make the top 20.

#13: Ma Cherie – Palaye Royale: I’m loving that this song made the top 20. It may have carried over a little bit from the end of 2019 when I saw them, but it counts and I’m excited it’s this high on the list.

#12: Night Changes (Acoustic) – One Direction: A bit different from other songs and somewhat surprising, but I think I’m very fond of this slowed down version because it’s stripped down and actually shows this groups’ talent.

#11: Wild – Ultra Q: Barely missing my top 10, chiming in at number 11 is so close. This was my favorite song of theirs (besides “Gool”, of course) and this band was one that I definitely missed seeing in concert this year and hanging out with.

#10: Anthem – Greta Van Fleet: The beginning of the holy grail, I suppose.

#9: Short Notice – Ochoa Boyz: Somewhat surprised, but glad one of their songs made my top 10. I love this song, album and group so much. Ochoa Boyz deserve it all.

#8: Can’t Shake You – Heroes Of Charlotte: Not surprised by this one at all. The band’s EP, “Same Dreams” dropping literally on my birthday this year, I knew I would be obsessed with this song. Comin’ in at number 8 for 2020, it’s “Can’t Shake You”.

#7: Nervous Breakdown – Palaye Royale: Pretty initial. Theme song of my life.

#6: Caught Up In You – 38 Special: Oh thank god, a southern dad rock song made it in the top 10. I have absolutely no idea why I listened to this song as much as I did, but it really helped me get through this year. And that guitar solo? Come on.

#5: The End (Stars Always Fade) – The Warning: Again, not even four months with this band and they made number five. The emotional value this song has for me is simply insane, yet beautiful.

#4: Gool – Ultra Q: So much to say about this one. It was my number two last year, and of course, it’s the meaning behind my first tattoo. How do I exactly explain what “gool” means? My sister explained it’s a combination of good and cool. Gool, to me, means an outcast. Someone who does their own thing and isn’t doing what everyone else is. The chorus goes, “I’m so gool, lost my mind”, which to me means I’m myself and everyone thinks I’m weird, but it’s okay because I’m just being who I truly am.

#3: Always There – Greta Van Fleet: The next three, aka the top three, are solely this band. Always There is a song that makes me feel good about being a woman. “She’s a woman in a dream, the kind that makes you fall in love”.

#2: The New Day – Greta Van Fleet: The most motivating song for me this year was The New Day. The lyrics, “You’re a child in the garden, you’re growing up I’ll watch you bloom, and your dreams are not forgotten, you’ll be a woman soon”, reminds me that I am still growing and my dreams are still my dreams.

#1: You’re The One – Greta Van Fleet: The song that topped it all. I’m not sure why I streamed this song 117 times (I think it was more). Or why I spent over three-thousand minutes listening to this band’s music. But it definitely helped me through this year.

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Steve Schroeder
Steve Schroeder
Dec 16, 2020

Glad to see The Warning made into your Spotify Wrapped. They're too good not to be!

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