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The Warning Braces Fans For New Music

Coming straight off their latest collab with Alessia Cara for an official cover of Enter Sandman for Metallica's 30th Anniversary "The Metallica Blacklist", The Warning debut neck cutting rock anthem track, "Martirio".

"Martirio" takes you through a journey of human pain and suffering and recognizes that through accepting the pain, we only grow stronger. As the band stated, "We are very proud that we are able to share this message in our native language and that we get to showcase this different side of our music and songwriting. We are proud to have a Spanish song on our new EP."

Paulina (Drums and vocals, 19) states, "People assume Rock is linked to an older generation, but we believe we can represent the genre for today's generation." Daniela (Guitar and vocals, 21) agrees that Rock N Roll is coming back, just in a different way. The Warning talks about how they have matured so much during recordings of MAYDAY and upcoming third full-length and they've been open to experiencing more in the studio. As far as writing process location goes, Pau states that if she's not writing at the piano, she's in the bathroom or closet. Dany adds that Pau will wake up at 3 am and record something on her phone she has on her mind. Alejandra (Ale, Bass, 16) chimes in and says that Pau takes out her phone on plane rides and records something very quietly. "But you have to lose that embarrassment or else you'll lose the idea very quickly.", Pau says.

With the anticipation of EP "MAYDAY" releasing on October 8 via Lava Records, the band says they are overwhelmingly excited for fans to hear a different side of themselves. Dany explains that their last album (Queen Of The Murder Scene) was a whole concept album that actually told a story from beginning to end and was very dark. Now that they've matured, their music is becoming more personal. "Martirio" begins with soft-sounding energy that builds up into a rock anthem. The music video for the track creates a perfect visual for the song as well.

You can keep up with The Warning on Instagram and Twitter, Pre-save MAYDAY here, and learn more about the band on their website.

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