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The Warning Announces Third Album Recording!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

My newest favorite band, The Warning, has just put out a five-minute IGTV video announcing that on September 10, 2020, the band had officially started the journey of recording their third album… First time ever recording with an actual label, Lava/Republic.

The video shows what it’s like taking a journey from Monterrey, Mexico to New Jersey… During a pandemic. Showing Dany, Pau and Ale going through airports with masks and shields, getting their temperatures taken, Covid-19 testing, virtual meetings, Ale getting her custom bass. The girls FINALLY getting to meeting their producer, David Bendeth. Rehearsals for the album began showing the girls shredding and banging, what seems to be the girls discussing how songs will go, lyrics meeting with producer.

Everything looks like it is in full swing and as safe as possible. As well as being very fond of this band already, being that The Warning has already recorded two full-length studio albums before being signed to Lava, I’m also fond of this label. Lava being an “artist-first” label, meaning that artists come first instead of label and production, truly caught my eye when I was first introduced to this label since they signed Greta Van Fleet. All in all, I’m very excited to watch The Warning as they continue the journey of recording their third studio album and experience how excited and determined they are for the sake of their music and their fans.

Hearing “Survive” in the IGTV video definitely caught me off-guard and reminded me that yes, I do still new to review XXI Century Blood. I really want to take my time listening to and reviewing the album, as it’s the second album of The Warning’s I will be reviewing and I just want to make sure that I am able to fully comprehend, reflect and review with true emotion and write the absolute best possible review I can. I CAN tease that the way I have felt about this album already is: I may have somewhat been expecting to hear this album as possibly being a little less mature sounding or something, because the girls were younger and it was a couple of years before Queen Of The Murder Scene, but I was WRONG. I have been proven way wrong. With all of that being said, I’m excited to release my review soon-ish (not exactly sure when) but maybe I’ll add a bonus track to review? Stay tuned!

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