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LISTEN: Ultra Q Comes Back With "Bowman"

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Ultra Q - Courtesy Of Alice Bailey

Since Ultra Q’s last release (In A Cave, In A Videogame) that debuted at the beginning of quarantine in April 2020, I thought they couldn’t get any better… Until now.

A long time ago, there was a band called Mt. Eddy. No wait, Danger. Then Mt. Eddy. Now there’s Ultra Q, whose song “Gool”’s chorus holds the title of being my first-ever tattoo I got after seeing the band twice at the end of 2019. In early 2019, the Q’s broke out into the world with single “Redwoood” followed up by “Gool” and in September 2019, they released their first EP, We’re Starting To Get Along. The five-track EP features the two singles, a title track, a creepy twilight zone sounding song What D’ya Call It (very fun to mosh to) and a heart-warming ending, Wild. In A Cave, In A Videogame is a seven-track EP that features songs that sound like… You’re in a videogame. The first track “Drkwv” invites you into the EP and you know you’re about to take about to take a journey through a video game... But you can still hear those Ultra Q vibes all throughout the EP. "Rosy" takes it up a notch and you already feel yourself in the middle of a crowd at an Ultra Q, stuck in the circle pit. "Sticnpoke" is just pure Ultra Q, that's exactly what it is. "Some Dice" is my favorite track from this EP and just symbolizes a lot for me for some reason. The chorus just feels like true Ultra Q to me and whenever I listen to it, I can picture hearing it live at a show and makes me anticipate seeing them live again even more. But of course right after a sweet song like Dice, we're given "Plunk" that's got a creepy videogame-sounding vibe to it but it continues to keep the fun up. "Viles" has a great drumbeat (by one of my absolute favorite drummers of all time, Chris Malaspina) and even though it's kinda chaotic, the chorus brings you back to planet Earth and it's really sweet-sounding. "Teether" is another one of my favorite tracks and you really just have to hear it to capture everything they're saying.

Staying true to themselves as they always are, Ultra Q has released a single titled "Bowman" from their forth-coming EP, Get Yourself A Friend. As I'm doing my first-ever article for Ultra Q and listening to this amazing track, I'm getting teary-eyed because the chorus is making me realize that they're back and they've come from such a long way, we're all growing together and the music keeps us connected. I think that if a band or a song can be symbolize so much for you, then there's a spiritual connection. When I listen to Mt. Eddy, I'm reminded of so many memories and that Chroma is one of my top five albums of all time. When I listen to Ultra Q, I feel like I'm taken through a glow-in-the-dark funhouse but also could be in fields full of flowers.

Ultra Q - Courtesy of Alice Bailey

According to Kerrang!'s latest feature of Ultra Q, Jakob Danger (vocals) stated that the song title is actually in reference to the character in 2001 Space Odysessy, David Bowman. Jakob also stated, "Lyrically the song is about how I romanticize online relationships and the way in which I grew up more connected to technology than most people." Ultra Q have officially signed with Royal Mountain Records and are releasing their new EP Get Yourself A Friend on November 19.

You can keep up with Ultra Q on Instagram and Twitter, pre-order everything here and you can of course stream all of Ultra Q's discography here.

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