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WATCH: Phatt James Releases "SEVEN DAYS" Video

Phatt James, the Connecticut-based trio known for its engaging fusion of alternative rock and pop, releases the official music video for its latest single, "Seven Days".

Filmed in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport, Connecticut, by Kicker Pictures, the video follows the story of a modern-day Cupid who has lost his passion for his work. Tired of being surrounded by love, he realizes that he now wants a romance of his own and wishes he was on the other end of his bow and heart-tipped arrow.

"We came up with the concept for the music video years ago and were just waiting for the right time to make it happen. When we listened to 'Seven Days' it just felt right and we were delighted that they loved the idea too. The idea of Cupid becoming lonely and down seemed to fit the feeling of the song as well as lyrically. It was really satisfying to shoot the video with everyone and build the story along to the music." - Connor Rog, Kicker Pictures

Defined by a quick-paced lyrical rhythm and featuring an irresistibly catchy chorus, "Seven Days" is, at its core, a tale of regret, as Cupid’s storyline in the video reflects, speaking to the misery we can experience when we realize we’ve made a terrible blunder in love, as well as the yearning to reunite with that special person.

"Seven Days" follows "Ahead of Line" and "Wide Eyes" as the third single from Phatt James’ debut album "Just Begun" a project crafted with care over the course of more than three years. Employing a perceptive touch, the band insightfully dipped its brush into a rainbow of sonic paint colors to create a cohesive, 10-track work of musical art, depicting the broad spectrum of thoughts and emotions that can arise from inevitable life experiences such as love and heartbreak.

"A lovesick Cupid to represent 'Seven Days.' Suffering from his inability to receive love and only watch it unveil from a distance. This song was written with the same emotions as the video. The same sense of urgency in love, the compounding feeling of failed opportunities at it, and the same guilt and despair when seeing yourself as unworthy of it." - Phatt James

On March 30, the band will return to Park City Music Hall to open for the New York City-based instrumental trio Consider the Source. Tickets available HERE.

Formed by Matt James, Chris Wilson, and Matt Christoforo, Phatt James channels the essence of iconic rock bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus, formulating a familiar but original sound that serves as an inviting foundation for thoughtful lyrics. The trio is currently working on new music, which fans can look forward to hearing later this year.


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