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YEAR IN REVIEW: Song & Fury's Spotify Wrapped (Artists)

Written By: Bethany Hildebrandt, Owner & Founder

It’s been a whirlwind of a year in 2022 and the closest to normalcy we’ve felt since 2019. While we were in full swing of concerts this year, we also wanted to dive into our Spotify Wrapped, showcasing which songs and artists stole our hearts this year.


#5 The Driver Era: If you’re not familiar with TDE, they’re a duo of Ross (Disney’s Austin & Ally, Netflix’s Sabrina) and Rocky Lynch (former two members of R5) who produce dance tracks and party hits. In 2022, they dropped their third album ‘SUMMER MIXTAPE’, along with promoting the album during the Summer Tour. This duo being in my top artists this year makes total sense. I definitely always have hits such as “Low”, “Preacher Man” and “Nobody Knows” on repeat as I also had to listen to Summer Mixtape on review for journalism purposes. INSTAGRAM | TIK TOK | SPOTIFY

#4 Ultra Q: The boys from the Bay Area who are constantly featured on the blog (not to mention “Song & Fury” was inspired by their song) stole my heart in 2017 and the fact that they are still one of my top artists every year never ceases to amaze me. Luckily, I was able to see them live twice this year - their headline tour + opening for Barns Courtney. Sharing experiences and memories with the band will never get old to me and I’m elated to see what they come up with next. INSTAGRAM | TIK TOK | SPOTIFY

#3 The Warning: There is absolutely no surprise that The Warning is in my top artists as they have been the past few years. Although their hit single “MONEY” debuted in 2022 along with their album ‘ERROR’, my heart attached itself to other songs such as “23” and “REVANENT”. Along with the newer tracks, I also still constantly find myself listening to Queen Of The Murder Scene songs as well. I was also lucky enough to experience The Warning twice this year - headline tour + Pointfest in St. Louis. INSTAGRAM | TIK TOK | SPOTIFY

#2 Palaye Royale: Palaye Royale is always in my top artists, but they released their new album Fever Dream, which I was lucky enough to review this year. The songs that I know in my heart I have on repeat from them include “Fever Dream”, “No Love In LA”, “Love The Void” and tons more. I was also lucky enough to see Palaye this year with YungBlud in February. INSTAGRAM | TIK TOK | SPOTIFY

#1 Greta Van Fleet: The biggest shock to the world - I knew in my heart GVF would be my number one artist as they have been the past three years, however I didn’t expect all five of my top songs of 2022 to be all Greta Van Fleet… I of course saw them twice in 2022 - Kalamazoo and Peoria. While some people may be surprised or would get sick of the same artist being their top artist every single year, I feel perfectly content. INSTAGRAM | TIK TOK | SPOTIFY

We’ve shared our top artists with you and we’re ready to share our top songs with you! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with everything we’re doing!


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