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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

What’s up oh two ellllll. JC here. (If you don’t understand that reference, I’m sorry. Read your bible, sirs.) Just kidding. I’m not a Youtuber. Nor do I aspire to be. (But hey if you are, congratulations!) So, I know usually nobody cares about an update, but I just thought I would share what has been going on in my life lately. I haven’t made a post on here in about two months. But fear not, I’m definitely not quitting this thing. Even if I should. Along with working, the holidays coming up, and just living life in general, I have been traveling! Last month, October, I traveled to not only one, but two cities! Wow! Go me! The two experiences I had in both cities were truly special. And insane. More on that later. (Two separate posts) Also, I just realized that I did not post a Halloween playlist for everyone to listen to. Wow! How sad! (Look out for the next few posts, will probably feature a Halloween playlist) We are also approaching the end of 2019 and not only am I reflecting on this year, but also this DECADE. I made it through another decade! Me! The 2010s have been something else. I started off this decade as a thirteen year old girl who was obsessed with Justin Bieber, (you’re wrong if you think I don’t still love JB) but I have transformed into a twenty-three year old woman who has fallen in love, gained a pet bunny, has gotten closer to family, travelled and seen amazing places, met amazing places and had some of the best concert experiences ever. But I’m still figuring it out. Another post, “How I Survived The 2010s” will be coming at you (maybe) before 2019 ends. I have also been focusing more on photography lately. I keep becoming more and more interested in the art every time I go to concerts, photograph people, and nature. I have an Instagram (@arcadefireliveshere) and a website that is under construction. ( But other than that, it’s pretty amateur. But hey, I’m trying! My next post will most likely be a playlist full of songs that I am very much into right now, songs that helped me survive the rest of 2019! My most important update is that I am going more green. Will this blog full of creativeness turn into a zero-waste blog? Most likely not. But I recently just invested in a bamboo spork, a produce bag, and a metal straw. All purchased from Be sure to check back for updates on my zero-waste journey. I look forward to devoting more time to my blog, photography, doing business with people, saving the planet, and recommending good punk music in the 2020s, but also for the rest of my life. Until next time, keep swmin❤ (I’m also 35% fluent in French now so, Je t’aime beaucoup, on se voit dans les drôles de papiers.


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