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Hello! How are you? How were your holidays? Are you ready for the new year?

Anyway... We're here to end our 2022 on the highest note we've had so far. This year, we went through a lot of changes. Our name changed from "A Way With Words" to "Song & Fury". We rebranded our entire blog and claimed our colors as black and gold (even though Canva's gold is more of an orange). We covered tons of concerts and reviewed tons of new albums and songs. We created tons of playlists, showcased concert photos and even... Made a Tik Tok? Most importantly, we loved engaging with you all and watching you grow with us.

We love introducing you to new music, keeping you updated with your favorite artists + covering live shows and new releases. We promise to keep engaging you as long as you'll have us... Another thing we wanted to mention is we promise to always tell the truth. We promise to be honest with our artists and music, but we also promise to always keep things positive. One of our mottos on Song & Fury is - "There's already so much negativity in the world, why bring it into something you love?". We share our opinions with you, you share your opinions with us, but life is so much better when we all keep things positive. You are not obligated to like or enjoy any of things we post, or artists we feature... But we do NOT tolerate any form of hate, so please be respectful to our artists, writers, each other and yourselves. Thank you for your cooperation, patience, love and support this year and every year. We love you and we hope to keep you around for many years to come.

And now... Please enjoy some photos from our favorite concert moments of 2022 along with our Best Of 2022 playlist!

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