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A Letter #2

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Dear friend,

What a terrible world we live in. I was having a great day. I was so happy and then of course, someone ruined it. I feel so broken and don’t ever want to leave my room. I can’t trust anyone anymore. Word of advice – don’t ever get too close to anyone. Everyone leaves. People will never truly care for you. He told me he’d always be there for me. But he lied. He told me he wants me to be happy. That’s another lie. He’s tearing me apart. He’s making me feel like shit. He’s leaving me like he said he would never do. I just want him to leave and never come back. He’s torturing me. I feel like he doesn’t care about me. And never really did. Why can’t for once I can be happy without someone ruining it? He told me he wants me to have a good life in general. And he just wants me to be happy. I’m having a hard time believing him. I just want him out of my life. And I don’t want to think about him anymore. He’s one of those guys I thought I wouldn’t fall for. But I think I ended up falling for him harder than he fell for me. And that’s a problem. Because now I’ll never be able to forget him. And I know he will forget all about me. If my heart wasn’t broken before, it’s definitely broken now. My heart is empty. I’m done trying with him. And other people. I’m keeping myself bottled up like I did before. Nobody will know anything about me anymore. Thank you, friend, for always being here for me when I wrote to you. You’re the only one who understands me.

Love always,


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