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Into The Mystic

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Born before the wind.

Under the night sky.

There they lay, side by side.

The ones who never fight.

Not a day goes by without them experiencing light.

He lifts her in a way nobody else can.

She had never seen such a man.

He smelled of cologne and alcohol.

But somehow, he still made her fall.

He cherished her in every way.

He just wanted her to stay.

He needed her so bad.

He needed her when he was mad.

He needed her in order to thrive.

He needed her for life.

The pain he felt was so real.

But she knew how to make him feel.

She was in love with him yes,

But she herself, was also a mess.

He saw her broken and falling apart.

He knew the way to her heart.

He understands her.

He meditates with her.

He connects with her.

He’s so passionate with her.

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