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Poetry For The Soul 3

Updated: Aug 16, 2020


The One who always makes her smile.

The one who shines so beautifully, always.

The one who has the voice of an angel.

The one who makes her stand on her feet when her legs are broken.

The one who teaches her to swim when she is drowning.

The one who reaches for her when she is sinking in.

The one who gazes at her in even her darkest days.

The one who sees her ugliness and loves her anyway.

The one who experiences her pain and lifts her up.

The one who sees others but doesn’t feel the same without her.

The one who meditates on her love.

The one who spends all his energy on her.

The one who breaks her heart and mends it back together before she knows it.

The one that motivates her and makes her strive to be better.

The one who comforts her when she is in pain.

The one who makes her feel alive.

The one who loves everything she does.

The one who is loved by many.

But knows who his true love is.

His true love.

The one who looks at him and smiles while thousands admire him.

The one who stands out in a crowd of millions.

The one who heals him, spiritually and mentally.

The one who smiles at him even when he’s in anger.

The one who tears him apart and builds him again.

The one who pushes him away when she needs him the most.

The one who shines because of the light that he gives her.

The one who moves mountains for him.

The one who makes the sun shine just for him.

The one who loves everything about him.

The two that come together.

The two that have created something that will last forever.

The two that will leave generations of people speechless.

The two that overwhelm the world with their greatness.

The two that are broken but quickly healed.

The two that have created love in the best possible ways.

The two that shine the brightest when they are in their presence.

The two that will lead into their next life with compassion.

The two that will leave others behind wondering.

The two that will live on forever through one another.

They are daisies in the sun together

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