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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

OKAY so I know what you're thinking... Another pointless update? Seriously?

Bare with me. I actually have exciting news to share.

If you saw my last few posts, (Greta Van Fleet Album Review, A Poem, Michael Campion Interview) you'll know that I have been trying to keep up with this blog lately. I started this blog January 2019. Did I know what I was doing back then? No. Do I know what I'm doing with this blog in August 2020? No, but I think I'm actually starting to figure it out.

Most of my life, I've loved music. And I've loved writing. So maybe I can finally decide how to put them together! Originally, I did intend for this to be a music blog (which is what it is, mostly.) I've posted some of my poetry on this site as well, just to share it with the world. But what my blog is officially going to be, for the most part because I will be still doing poetry and some other entertainment related things, is a music blog. Doing album reviews, recommending new music and upcoming artists, doing band/artist interviews, etc. is something I believe that I am truly passionate about.

With that being said, Jason Flom, the CEO and Founder of Lava Records, announced on Saturday August 15th, during DeTour, it was announced that new music is coming from Greta Van Fleet. "First single coming up in about six weeks. This album is one for the record books. It's really going to cement their base and I think their fans are just going to eat it up.", Flom stated during the DeTour live stream.

I just started following Jason and Lava Records recently in order to keep up with Greta Van Fleet, but something I discovered just last night really caught my eye. A new group. An all girl group. A band called, The Warning. Although I just found out about them, they've been rockin' around for a while. "They shred like Metallica. Nothing's ever been seen like this before.", Flom said about The Warning during the Detour live stream. Three young, amazingly talented sisters from Monterey, Mexico. ALL GIRLS. I've seen all-girl/female-fronted bands in the punk scene a lot. But it's not too often I actually get to see an all-girl rock band not in the punk scene. It's amazing. I love seeing this. I love seeing they were signed to a label that already one of my favorite bands (GVF) is on. I'm also excited to announce that I will be reviewing their album, Queen Of The Murder Scene, very soon. Dany, Pau, Ale: You three already have my heart.

Coming up in future posts: Review Of Pup's Album "Morbid Stuff", The Warning's "Queen Of The Murder Scene" Album Review, A new playlist for myself to share, plus more album reviews.

All super exciting things happening. I'm super excited and positive about all of it. See! We're making it through 2020 alright! Stay tuned.

See you in the funny papers.

- Bethany

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