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LISTEN: Nessa Barrett's Powerful New Track "Girl In New York"

Fresh off her headlining US run of Church Club For The Lonely tour, Nessa Barrett has been dominating 2023 kicking off the year with her fan-favorite track "BANG BANG!". She continued her releases throughout the year with singles "american jesus", "lie", "sick of myself" and the heart-wrenching "club heaven". She also debuted a new EP titled hell is a teenage girl via Warner Records.

Nessa's single "club heaven" released in October and took the world by storm as her soul-crushing lyrics became instantly relatable and touched hearts by old fans, new fans and non-fans. With the tremendous success of "club heaven" dominating Tik Tok trends, came more popularity for 2021's single "dying on the inside."

"I wrote this song about a guy who I was in the very early stages of getting to know. He had told me that he was taking a trip to New York and ghosted me. It's about a woman who he met and became obsessed with during his trip, therefore forgetting about me completely. It was delusional and a little psychotic of me, but I’m just grateful that it led to the creation of ‘girl in new york.’" - Nessa Barrett

Now, the 21-year old breakout pop sensation is sharing her latest single “girl in new york” - out now. The new track follows closely after the release of Nessa’s heartfelt single “club heaven and her pulse-pounding collaboration with Whethan — sick of myself.” Earlier this year, she released her celebrated hell is teenage girl EP, which is packed with the singer’s sultry brand of pop that is catching fire with fans.


Last month, Nessa wrapped up her church club for the lonely North American headline tour, which included two main stage performances at Austin City Limits Festival. Now, with “girl in new york,” she continues to widen her scope and show another dimension of her artistry, with more to come in 2024. 


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