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LISTEN: Palaye Royale Drops Their Best Song Yet

If you’ve been a member of the Royal Council for a minute, or even if you’re just entering the world of Palaye Royale, you’ve probably shed a few tears lately… I know I definitely have. With the release of Palaye’s newest single “Fever Dream” AND the official announcement of the Fever Dream album on October 28, we’re feeling content and excited for new music.

“Fever Dream” released July 14 via Summerian Records and captured the rock world by complete and emotional storm. The track is currently on all rock playlists across Spotify including Rock Hard, Alt Now, The New Alt & on the cover of Rock This.

The lyricism that “Fever Dream” provides is unlike anything else from Palaye Royale. The way lead singer Remington Leith sings “Follow me into this fever dream/We can be anything and everything/We want to be if we believe” is enough to capture hearts and motivate listeners. Escapism is essentially what it is. With the chorus consisting of lyrics such as “Close your eyes and exit life tonight/You’ll be just fine, you’ll be alright” is more motivating than anything. Hearing the words “you’ll be just fine” is enough to save lives. “Follow me into this fever dream” can make you feel like you’re at home and feel safe.

The song is instantly one of my favorite Palaye Royale songs, although the more I listen, the closer it is to claiming that top spot. Remington stated on his Instagram that “Fever Dream” is the best song they’ve ever made and how it brought him to close to his brothers guitarist Sebastian Danzig and drummer Emerson Barrett again. Remington also mentioned that fellow rock artist phem helped the band write the song and made it possible.

The circus-aesthetic-based music video provides unbelievable cinematic shots and provides an emotionally raw visual to the song. It captures the track and everything that’s going on in it so well you’re taken to an alternate universe to escape life. Overall, the new era of Palaye Royale is incredibly beautiful and I’m insanely excited to hear the new album.

Palaye Royale is touring the US in the fall! Check out tour dates + keep up with the band below!


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