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LIVE PREVIEW: The Driver Era Making Their Mark Worldwide

The music project of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch formed in 2018 while on tour with their former group, R5. From The Driver Era's debut single "Preacher Man", to 2019 debut album X, to their latest project Girlfriend, they've previously toured the world and now they're making their return to capture hearts yet again.

With the fanbase growing since the duo's debut between R5 fans and new listeners, the group weighs in with accumulated over 300 million streams, 29 million followers on social media, and has sold out shows in four continents.

On August 4, The Driver Era announced their third album Summer Mixtape dropping on September 16, just in time to end your perfect summer. What features 11 brand new tracks - including the unbelievably nostalgic summer single "Malibu" and a dance track even Rolling Stone-approved "Keep Moving Forward" (feat. Nikk Costa), the album is setting the stakes high in alt-pop music.

Along with the celebration of the milestone, The Driver Era dropped their music video for "Malibu", which follows Ross and Rocky on the California coast reminiscing about summer love.

'Malibu' is about reminiscing on experiences in the best locations," the band stated. "It's about getting away. It's the spontaneous trip you take with someone -- maybe you knew them before, or maybe you're meeting them for the first time."

The Driver Era is currently finishing up their tour through the states and start their next round September 19 in Japan. You can check out tour dates + more below.

You can pre-order Summer Mixtape HERE, pre-save HERE, and learn more about The Driver Era HERE.


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