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Poetry For the Soul

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Old Souls

“She has an old soul.”

Many people say that.

She knows how to love.

She knows how to please people.

She knows how to drive men crazy.

She knows how to take care for herself.

She knows how to care for others.

She always treats others the way she hopes to be treated.

So what can’t she do?

She is sick. Mentally.

She is not wishing to be gone.

She is not wishing to be dead.

She just wishes she could fit in.

She wishes she had friends.

She wishes others could see the world the way she does.

Although she may feel sad, she does so many things that make her happy.

She loves to dance in the sun and listen to her favorite songs,

Though her body can not handle the heat.

She loves to go out and be around other people,

Though she is “anti-social”.

She loves listening to old music and feeling alive,

Though others may not understand why she loves the music so much.

She loves talking and laughing and smiling,

Though she may be sad deep down.

She loves feeling alive,

Though she may feel empty inside.

She loves to write,

Though she may have nothing to say.

She loves enjoying life,

Though she may be having a tough time.

She loves wearing makeup and doing “girl things”,

Though she is perfectly happy wearing comfy clothes with no makeup.

She loves to breathe the fresh air,

Though she sneezes from allergies.

She understands different things and different people

In different ways from what most do.

Will she ever be not perfect?

She isn’t.

She loves traveling and seeing different places,

Rather than just doing the same things in the same town.

It is as if she has been here.

Many times before.

She knows how to handle certain people

While others she has no idea how to handle at all.

She feels as if she’s lived another life before.

She knows that while some people may love her,

Others despise her.

Others have taken advantage of her.

She just lets them.

She wants people to love her.

She wants to please people.

She wants people to be happy.

She always puts someone else’s happiness before her own.

She has been “screwed over” so many times she does not even care anymore.

“Take advantage of me! Use me! I don’t care! I can handle it!”.

She screams in her head.

Go ahead.

Use her.

Do what you will with her.

It’s nothing that hasn’t happened to her before.

It’s not anything she can’t handle.

Use her.

Abuse her.

Use her all up and leave her.

She is ready for you.

She’s been through this life so many times.

She’s immune to it.

She loves it.

It makes her feel alive.

To use her heartstrings so they can be broken.

To use her body as a tool and weapon.

To use her body so she can kick ass.

You can break her, but not really.

She has been broken so many times,

She is unbreakable.

Her heart,

It longs for him.

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