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RECAP: Our Favorite 2023 Articles

2023 has been a HUGE year for Song & Fury - we've gained more readers and followers, introduced you to new artists, shared new music with you and hopefully enlightened your day in some way.

We're looking back on our best articles from this year - the ones we poured our souls into, the ones that made us happy, the ones where we showcased our best work. This article features Green Day, Nessa Barrett, Greta Van Fleet and more of our favorite aritsts!

Daniel Wagner posing
Photo by Anna Lee

1. Ten Reasons Why We Love Daniel Wagner : We kicked off 2023 by showing our total love and support for one of our favorite drummers of all time, Daniel Wagner of Greta Van Fleet. Every year is Daniel's year when you're in his lane, but the heartbeat of the fleet absolutely DOMINATED this year. The band debuted new singles, a music video, third album Starcatcher, and toured the US + Europe. In the article, we gush about Daniel's fashionable outfits, stage makeup, friendship with bassist Sam Kiszka and tons more.

2. Why "Club Heaven" By Nessa Barrett Is Capturing Hearts Everywhere: Nessa Barrett's biggest release of 2023 was her heart-wrenching single "club heaven" written about her best friend passing and the feeling of wanting to reconnect with someone. The single has gained over 7 million Spotify streams alone and captured hearts all over the world with relatable lyrics such as - "What if I don't get in/How will I see you again?".

3. Exploring Beatlemania - The Power Of Fan Culture: Whether you like it or not, the fan girl world has existed all the way back to the 1960s when The Beatles made their debut into the early days of rock music. We explored the impact fan culture had on The Beatles and how it contributed to their careers.

4. Why Nimrod Is One Of Green Day's Best Albums: Green Day's fifth full-length turned 25 and we dove deep into the album, showcasing what we learned about some of the band's greatest hits - "Nice Guys Finish Last", "The Grouch", "Redundant" and "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life".

5. INTRODUCING - LST IN HLYWD: One of our earliest (and favorite) discoveries of 2023 was choosing the path that led us to Canadian rockers, LST IN HLYWD. Through pop-punk styles, alluring vocals and relatable lyrics, this band captured our hearts this year and we can't wait to see what they bring us in 2024! (Note: This article was written while Catherine Carter was a member)

6. Greta Van Fleet's 'TBAGG' + DIG Era Ending: In 2023, we said goodbye to a long, yet well-lived era for our favorite Michiganders. We covered everything from the release of "My Way, Soon" to the Dreams In Gold tour. We broke down our favorite moments from the era and after the article was written, we embraced Starcatcher with open arms.

Nessa Barrett performing in St. Louis
Photo by Bethany Hildebrandt

7. Nessa Barrett Slays In St. Louis: We saw our beloved Nessa Barrett perform live for the first time this year and we must say - it's one of the best shows we've ever been to. As she presents herself with such stage presence, Nessa was born to dominate every stage she encounters.

8. Our Favorite Beatles Red + Blue Album Tracks: Along with releasing a brand new song featuring all four members, The Beatles re-released 50th anniversary editions of their Red and Blue album compilations - featuring extra tracks, 2023 mixes and stories behind our favorite Beatles songs.

Photo by Bethany Hildebrandt

9. Greta Van Fleet Ascend Even Higher In Nashville (Starcatcher): We waited nearly a year (to the day) to see our favorite band perform live again and as always, they did not disappoint. Greta Van Fleet's Starcatcher tour featured catwalks, flashy outfits, extensive guitar solos, an acoustic set and proof that rock n roll is not dead.

Photo by Jeff Yeager

10. Metallica Shines + Shreds Through St. Louis: We would never forget the fact that we saw our favorite metal dads Metallica this year - one of the loudest shows we've ever been to.


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