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Ultra Q Release New Single "Handheld"

Ultra Q has done it again. Doing what they honestly do best - releasing new music! "Handheld" which is the second single from the band's new EP Get Yourself A Friend out November 19 via Royal Mountain Records, features fun and quirky new beats just in time for Fall. Just a few short weeks ago, Ultra Q made their return with the first single released from the EP, "Bowman".

Ultra Q, Courtesy of Alice Bailey

My favorite thing about whenever Ultra Q releases new music, whether it be a new song, or an EP, is I truthfully never know what I'm going to hear... But I love it. I love not knowing how it's going to sound, because this band has SOUND. They're one of the most unique bands I've ever heard and with everything they release, somehow it's more unique than the last. For example, the chorus to "Bowman" somehow, someway, reminded me of seeing Ultra Q in concert. Hearing them live for the first time. But I suppose it's because that was the first source of music they had released in over a year and I've missed them that much - a single song they released brought me back to those experiences.

The beginning of "Handheld" is pure Ultra Q. Every song the band releases is pure Ultra Q. They have a certain style of music, it's almost like it's their own genre of music. But they've created their own sound that I can automatically hear any of their songs, even in a crowd of people, with such loud noise and the song so soft, I can say "that's an Ultra Q sound." The music video for the track goes along with the song so perfectly. I can tell they're doing exactly what they want to and how they want to - having fun.

Along with the new single, they also announced shows! Live shows! The band is playing in LA at El Cid on November 10 and in San Francisco on November 12. If you're in LA or The Bay Area, or can get to either of those areas, I highly recommend checking them out. Their recorded tracks are amazing, but they're even better live. Ultra Q never disappoints.

You can follow Ultra Q on Instagram and Twitter, listen to "Handheld" and "Bowman" here, and preorder Get Yourself A Friend here.

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