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jxdn posing for album artwork
Photo by Juan Flores

LA-based singer-songwriter jxdn has released his widely anticipated new album WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS, which is available today on all streaming platforms and in vinyl / CD formats via Travis Barker’s DTA Records. Furthermore, jxdn has also shared the Juan Flores directed official music video for the album track "Just Let Go," which is streaming now on his official YouTube channel - watch below.

"When The Music Stops is my love letter to rock music and my outward expression of inner healing. This album is raw, intentionally diverse, and personal. I couldn't have created it without Travis Barker & Andrew Goldstein, who have been instrumental in my development as an artist. Thank you for the patience." - jxdn

"This project marks the beginning of my career; everything before was the prequel. I'm grateful for the connection I've cultivated within myself. Music saves and changes me daily. It is not just a sound; it is who I am. I am music. You are music. We are music.

I hope you close your eyes and listen to the feelings these songs evoke. Understand that this is just a glimpse of what's coming. Rock & roll will save the world. It has saved me countless times, especially when I couldn't save myself."

Having reached RIAA gold status and amassed over one billion streams worldwide, jxdn has established himself as a gen-z ambassador for a generation of fans too young to have experienced pop punk’s initial explosion in the 2000s. Co-produced by Barker and Andrew Goldstein, WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS, marks jxdn’s long awaited follow up to his celebrated debut album Tell Me About Tomorrow and wades deeper into the genre, highlighted by the album’s title track, "WHAT THE HELL," "STRAY," and "SAD OCTOBER."

Leading up to the release of WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS, jxdn met up with fans around the globe to host intimate early playbacks of the new album in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and London.

The new album kicks off with an acoustic track "LOST ANGEL," commemorating an ode to jxdn's battles with addiction and overcoming by going through rehab. The gentle strums and melodic harmonies set the stage for the musical voyage that lies ahead. "CANDLES" sets the tone for an electrifying pop-punk anthem, characterized by soulful vocals, rapid drum rhythms, and powerful guitar riffs. Previously released and beloved single "STRAY" strips down for a raw performance with slow melodies and vulnerable lyrics such as "Put me down/Kiss my face/I'm your dog/But I'm still a stray."

Through a series of vivacious tracks and incredible lyrics, the album nears the end with a vulnerable track titled "DRUGS", an emotional love letter to life. The lyrics resonate with emotions as they express, "Oh, the drugs don't work anymore/Yeah, I've tried them all before/It don't matter what I take, I still stay the same."

Closing out the album is the title track, "WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS", where jxdn writes a message to himself. This track showcases positive lyrics and hopeful memories, reminding listeners that there is a light in the darkness.


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